Hidden Solar Benefits



Solar panel installation has become more and more widespread throughout the United States. In 2019, there were more than 2 million residential, commercial, and utility-scale solar installations. By 2024, it is projected that 2.5% of all US homes will have solar installed. As solar installation has become more prevalent, Americans have become aware of the many benefits of going solar. Some of these commonly known benefits include drastically reducing electric bills, protecting against rising costs, increasing property value, and creating jobs that stimulate the global economy. Creating a sustainable lifestyle and reducing your carbon footprint also helps to protect the environment and decrease health risks from pollution. While individuals are aware of these benefits, there are so many positives that accompany solar installation that is not as easily seen. From indirect savings to creating a sense of pride and ownership that comes with having equity in energy generation, local owners get so much more than just cheaper kilowatt-hours.


One of these hidden benefits is that rooftop solar arrays can help reduce heating and cooling costs. Researchers at the UC San Diego Jacobs School of Engineering used thermal imaging to observe the cooling benefits created by solar panels. They found that the building’s ceiling was 5° Fahrenheit cooler under solar panels than under an exposed roof. Also, at night, the panels help to retain heat, allowing heating costs to be reduced in the winter. The researchers stated that the amount saved on cooling the building equated to receiving a 5% discount on the solar panels’ price, over their lifetime.


A sense of ownership and control over one’s energy future comes with a residential solar rooftop installation as well. Consumers report that they are more energy conscious and understand their energy consumption more after installing solar. This can lead to additional positive behaviors to conserve energy and to use energy in smarter, more efficient ways that in turn save money and positively impact the local community in a positive way.


Another hidden benefit of adopting solar is that it promotes clean, green, communities. Partnering with a solar company like National Renewable Energy Partners supports a local business and stimulates the local economy. It creates jobs in your community and promotes businesses that have a strong sense of community and purpose. These companies often have strong ties and a vested interest in creating win-win situations and shared equity, as opposed to one company hundreds of miles from the communities they serve. In addition to stimulating the local economy and creating jobs in your area, adopting solar removes power plants from your community that creates noise and pollute the environment. 40% of people live in areas where pollution levels frequently make the air too dangerous to breathe and power plants that power homes are one of the main sources of this pollution. Embracing solar will create more tight-knit, clean, safe, and functioning communities.


Going solar also allows you to express your commitment to sustainability and to feel better about your usage. Any time that you turn on a light or throw in a load of laundry, you can feel good that your energy is coming from a renewable, sustainable, source that is clean and has positive externalities that make your community better. You are also adding an asset to your community that was not there before. Your solar array will spark the conversation of renewable energy with your neighbors, family, and friends. It will teach your children and grandchildren the value of sustainable, shared equity living. You will live every day knowing that you are making a difference, preserving your community for future generations, and promoting a sustainable future.

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