National Renewable Energy Partners

Residential Solar Battery Backup

Empower your lifestyle while powering your world with a solar battery backup system and embrace the seamless flow of everyday living.


Generate & Store Your Own Power

Imagine a world where your power supply is as dependable as the rising sun, whether you’re connected to the grid or living off the beaten path. At NREP our innovative energy solutions keep you in control.

  • Tailored, all-in-one system designed exclusively for you
  • Harness and store your own electricity
  • Reliable power precisely when you need it
  • 25-year system and battery coverage

Over the past year, electricity rates have surged by 15.8%, mainly driven by the soaring prices of natural gas, which accounts for almost 40% of the nation's power generation.

Embrace the future of sustainable energy with solar power, where your investment not only pays off financially but also contributes to a greener and more resilient world.

Unlike energy costs, which can fluctuate due to global events like conflicts, weather disruptions, and power plant maintenance, solar remains a dependable option.

Solar not only offers a more stable financial outlook but also provides long-term peace of mind.

Guard against rising energy costs

The cost of utilities has been steadily climbing, especially for residential customers in the U.S. Since the year 2000, power rates have surged by almost 60 percent. This trend is projected to persist, driven by the rising fuel costs for power plants.

Investing in solar is a savvy financial choice

Envision this: You’re renting a home, and each year, like clockwork, your rent climbs higher. Now, flip the script. Imagine owning that very home with a $0 upfront cost, reducing your monthly expenses with a steady, unchanging payment plan. Plus, you’ll enjoy the peace of mind that comes with a comprehensive 25-year whole home warranty. The best part? You could completely pay off your home within the duration of this warranty! This is the remarkable advantage of choosing solar power for your home. Step beyond the ordinary home upgrades – embrace a future where financial freedom and sustainability meet with National Renewable Energy Partners.

Secure Your Financial Future with Solar

Transform an unpredictable expense into a stable, worthwhile investment. Solar power offers the opportunity to convert fluctuating energy bills into a secure and beneficial financial asset.

Build Lasting Value with Solar Equity

Invest in solar energy and witness a unique benefit: Unlike most investments, solar power maintains its value over time. Say goodbye to unnecessary expenditures and start building lasting equity in your home.

25-Year Whole Home Warranty

Our cutting-edge solar panel system is backed by an industry-leading 25-year warranty. Any issues are swiftly and effectively addressed, ensuring your peace of mind and continued savings.

Leverage the Federal Investment Tax Credit

Embrace a solar project that's partially funded by the federal government. Benefit from a significant 30% tax credit on your solar installation, making your transition to sustainable energy more affordable.

Unlock Additional State and Utility Incentives

Explore the possibility of further financial benefits. Your state and utility company may offer extra incentives, enhancing the attractiveness and affordability of your solar investment.

Earn from Your Utility Company

Generate more than you use? Your utility company might pay you for the surplus electricity produced by your solar panels. This not only powers your home but also turns into a rewarding revenue stream.